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Somehow 20 years too late

Yeah, so right now my MP3 player keeps on playing songs from 20 years ago or even older. This is due to my revived interest in old (mecha) anime, especially the ones I watched and enjoyed when I was really young. I was raised in a small town in Kalimantan, and some of my best friends there were Betamax videos from the rental and the satellite :)

So, thanks to Youtube and the crazy guys at Toybox DX music dump, I've been able to find many of the songs that used to fill my childhood days (and some that didn't, but they're still great anyway).

So here's a list of some of the songsCollapse )


I watched Wolverine with silverwind. It was pretty okay, but... but... DEADPOOL. I HAVE NO WORDS.

And I still don't know what to fill my Dreamwidth with. Maybe I'll make it my artdump? Hmmm.

Oh, by the way, if you receive a hoax e-mail saying 'Don't drink Teh Botol Sosro, it contains hydroxylic acid', pay no heed, just delete it. Hydroxlic acid is another name for WATER

A confirmation from a friend who works in advertising:
'It's a hoax made by a member of the CCI (Creative Circle Indonesia) mailing list; it was meant for internal use, for negative marketing testing. Somehow it got forwarded outside'


China bans plurk for no apparent reason. noctisette, you plurk too?

Ever wonder why human phallus is shaped like that?

Manual guide for Indonesian sinetron. LOL LOL.

Will attend this event with several friends - Nessa, Elda, Bionic boys and girls... who else?

Watched some Kuroshitsuji. Saw a bishounen licking his sword, and I was like, "Awh." I was turned off and is considering whether to read/watch the series.
(If I may add, I think the character designs are actually charming - I like butlers' outfits for a start; I was tempted to buy the comic anthology, but settled on some Elex-published comics; it's just that I cannot really get on with the level of blatant fanservice...)

I also watched Detroit Metal City, which is... unusual, and a must watch :D The contrast between the worlds of Swedish pop and Metal portrayed in the anime just made me roll on the floor laughing.

Yoshinaga Fumi manga - check!
Some 1x2/2x1 doujin - pass.
Some Hughes/Roy and Havoc/Roy doujin... *silent for a while* OMFG I BROKE MY OWN PROMISE. OH ROY OH ROY, I'M SORRY, I'M SORRY, I'M SORRY.

HPI gathering

Today, shediao and I attended the gathering held by HPI (Himpunan Penerjemah Indonesia, the Association of Indonesian Translators) in The Toast, a cafe situated next to the French school in Cipete. No wonder the food was all French, which was good, although a bit tasteless to some (“Waitress, do you have some salt?”).

The first member I shook hand with was Maria Sundah. Hendarto Setiadi, the chairman (or should we say president?), recognized me. This fangirl was happy. There were also Benny Hoed, Sofia Fifi Mansoor, Mbak Farah, Patricia Gontha, Eric, and others, the names of most had slipped off my mind (I’m truly sorry). I thought I saw Pak Eddie, but turned out I was wrong.

We got many interesting information and stories from other members. Afterwards Eve and I went to POINS in Lebak Bulus, to pray actually, but then we rummaged the stalls for some DVDs. I even became an impromptu translator for a foreign family doing some shopping. I’m a professional, but I may not charge you anything if I feel like it, ahahahaha.

And the following, about the details of the gathering, is in IndonesianCollapse )

Watchmen? Errr...

So I went to PIM to find some books, and I was planning to watch Watchmen, but somehow I lost the excitement in the last few minutes. Probably because I was hungry and waiting for Elda - hunger can divert your path in a blink. Plus my coordinator texted me asking to send him forecast grades via e-mail. Auch auch. These past two seasons I've been.. unwilling... to make forecast grades, one of the reasons being none of my present batch deserves an A, let alone A*. It's saddening to forecast Ds and Es for your own students, but it's just a fact that this batch hasn't shown a very satisfying performance.

OK next time then. Wait for me Ozymandiaaaaas.

I almost finished Princess Bride that shediao lent me. It's very exciting, and oftentimes the turning of the events is unpredictable (or is it just me who's too dumb, hahaha). I just like the relationship between Inigo and Fezzik... it's just so sweet, and I don't necessarily mean anything slashy here.

Saw Otomen 7 in Kino. Hmmmm... the price is IDR 96K right now? Oh well, I'll just wait for the Elex version then. The Indonesian translation has reached #5 anyway.

I read Trigun Maximum 10 and HELL... it's truly a tearjerker, although I cannot help noticing some similarities to Candy-Candy, hahahaha. OH NICHOLAS T____________T

And oh, Elda said she was wondering how would the remakes of classic super robot series fare?
Hmmm I haven't watch Raidern - only got some first episodes - but people say Shin Koutetsu Jeeg was bad; I'm too careful to let Shin Getter Robo ruin my childhood memories of Getter Robo and Getter Robo G...

Wait! What if Baxinger was re-made?

TOTAL FANSERVICE. (Because that's how most animes nowadays are filled with, apparently.) In Berubara-like outfit.
*splits head by driving it into the nearest wall*
Just leave it in the past, shall we?




I haven't logged in for quite a long time.

So how's life?

I'm having a week off because the students are having national exams - that killer of students. Meh. I hate the thought that the students are drilled just to pass 40-multiple-choice-question exams. If that's all they need, why should spend three years at school? Give them a stack of past-paper, go over the questions with them, and be done with it. (That's what cram schools are for, eh?) I wonder when will a great reform befall on our education system :(

I went to Bandung yesterday with Elda and Vanessa. We met up with my brother and Ira there in Warung Pasta. Ira and I fangirled about the old Gundams and super robot shows. Hmmm. I guess Turn A marked the boundaries between Gundams I'm interested in (before) and I'm not excited about (after).

I'd like to visit more places like the museums, or even Kawah Putih, but we only got a couple of hours so we decided to shop for food and clothes. Oh, I managed to more-or-less keep control of my spending budget; I think Vanessa and Elda did not. LOL.

And YES - I still want to (re)watch Braiger, Baxinger, and Sasuraiger. But the DVDs are totally EXPENSIVE. Bleh. You know, if you love me so much and you have money to burn, why don't you buy me this? *gets bricked*

Hmmm where's my 'Ghost of Christmas' mp3?

For those who celebrate Christmas, have a wonderful today.
I called my grandma in Kalimantan to say Merry Christmas. And now I'm left with my other grandma at home, because my parents and siblings are visiting my relatives who are celebrating Christmas.

I’m still busy working on the translation of Campbell’s eighth edition – something that really challenges me as a translator and (ex) biology student – so I couldn’t peek too often to LJ and poke you guys.

Ah, this is the 8 Days of Happiness meme that I didn’t have time to log day by day.

Day 5: attending my friend/editor Danu’s wedding party. Buying and reading the Indonesian version of Otomen.

Day 6: watching the dubbed Bleach in Indonesiar. It’s just fun trying to see how the Indonesian dubbers worked.

Day 7: Finished Chapter 46 of my Campbell translation. Oh yay! Finally!

Day 8: going to Plaza Senayan with my siblings and meeting Tc there. We ate at the newly-decorated Sushi Tei. Tc showed me her DoM 2 saved data (to which I giggled heavily). We agreed on some things, like we couldn’t remember whose face is which (or which face is whose) in Vampire Knight. We couldn’t also remember the faces of those oh-so-many Japanese boybands LOL

Hey, there’s MOS Burger now in PS! But the queue’s still long!

Other news: Blitz Megaplex will be opening in Serpong area. YAY!


The 8 Days of Happiness meme - Day 4

This article.

Yeah people, have opinions. State them, don't hide them behind. Let's argue. Let's debate. Let's discuss. Be outspoken! :)

Bye, need to work again!


The 8 Days of Happiness meme, Day 3

(this shoulda been yesterday, actually)
- shopping with mum
- seeing a very cute, wonderful, intelligent girl named Sarah Jane on TV
- talking to Etik on phone
- getting Days of Memories 2 and having giggling fits over it
- surprising Elda


Go away bigots grahhhhh

Couldn’t really sleep tonight, but at least the few hours I got cleaned my mind a little after what happened in the mailing list in which I am a moderator (a job which increasingly becomes more and more nervous-wrecking. Maybe I should resign and leave the mailing list altogether. I don’t see why I must become friends with people just because I went to the same university with them.)

Please, you don’t know what a hoax is? How many years have you been on the internet?Collapse )

Plus, I hate how he – and people like him – use the mailing list to spread their narrow-mindedness, coating it with sweet words and attitude, as if they are the weaker, kind-hearted ones who are trying to help people from the pits of Hell. Heh. Jangan kalo lagi lu yang tersudut, lu teriak-teriak Mana kebebasan beragama? Sekarang waktu lu lagi jadi mayoritas, orang yang agamanya lain nyaman nggak beragama di sekitar lo?
So, should I leave the mailing list or not?

I’m tired of taking care of them, but I’m feeling like if I leave, I’ll just leave them drowning even more. Oh no, I don’t exactly think about them, I’m thinking about the other people who they’ll treat like dirt if nobody is there to mediate the whole members.


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